There are so many sportswear companies in Sialkot. With the use of Sialkot-manufactured FIFA official football AL-REHLA in the Qatar football world cup, everyone is looking towards Sialkot for manufacturing of sports goods and sportswear.

It is very necessary to provide good and authentic data about the export commodities of Sialkot manufactured goods to international buyers which are keen to manufacture their quality products from Sialkot.

There is a total of 5777 registered companies in the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industries (SCCI). They are exporting more than $2.5 billion annually which comprises almost 8.5 % of total Pakistan exports. Only sports industries in Sialkot earn $472 Million by exporting sports goods and the remaining foreign exchange earn by exporting textiles, sportswear and surgical instruments.

Here I am going to tell you about the best companies in Sialkot for sportswear manufacturing.

Sialkot consists of a huge number of companies in different niches. Some are working in sports, some working in fashion, some are expert in clothing and a huge number is producing surgical instruments.

The products manufactured in Sialkot can easily compete for both quality and price with other world’s best manufacturing. This is why Sialkot is gaining much popularity internationally. Buyers are very happy doing business with companies working in Sialkot.


Without delaying further I am providing you the list of the top 6 sportswear companies in Sialkot.

1.     RAJCO

Rajco is a renowned sportswear manufacturer and exporter based in Sialkot. Rajco industries manufactured garments and sportswear since 1935. This company comprises more than 1500 well-skilled workers equipped with the latest machine imported from the UK Germany and America. They are manufacturing tracksuits, jackets, and sweatshirts. In addition, they are making cricket, tennis and football kits. Rajco supplies its products all over the world from cricket to football kits. The production capacity of the Rajco industries is more than 3000 quality jackets and tracksuits per day.


Motoway group is also a famous manufacturer in the sportswear industry. Motoway group manufactured high-quality jackets, suits, and pants, especially for motorbike riding. This group also manufactured different accessories for motorbike riding. They are working in the sportswear industry since 1986. They are considered gurus in the motorbike clothing industry. Besides motorbike clothing, they are manufacturing textile garments and leather products.

3.    COBIJA

Cobija also manufactures a motorbike protection suite for riding. Cobija is manufacturing textile, leather, denim jackets and suits for motorbike riding.

Cobija successfully manufactured leather jackets for bike riding and other leather products including gloves, bags and boots. Cobija is exporting to more than 60 countries all over the world. 


VIP wears is the sub-branch of the VIP group. Mr. Imtiaz-Ud-Din Dar founded the VIP group in 1987. This group manufactures especially leather jackets and blazers.

The top customers of the VIP wear are C&A, Inditex Group, Redskins, Tommy Hilfiger, Tchibo, DKNY, and many more. The production capacity of this company is 20,000 to 30,000 quality leather garments per month in each unit. VIP group has the stat of the art facilities in its production units.


Swiss pro group is ISO and SEDEX-certified leading manufacturer and exporter of sportswear, casual wear, knitwear and technical work wear.

Swiss pro was established with high esteem in 1978. They are establishing relations with B-2-B working.

They are providing a variety of sportswear including sportswear uniforms, and casual wear. They have business relations with North American and European countries.


Mark Orient Enterprise, is an emerging sportswear manufacturer based in Sialkot. This company is the initiative of Umair Brothers established with aim of providing high-quality sportswear.

Mark Orient Enterprise is specialized in the manufacturing of high-quality sportswear uniforms for different sports and games. During the FIFA World Cup 2022, the demand for this company’s manufactured sportswear was very high. Mark Orient Enterprise established good relations with Australian, European and North American companies.

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